Fire service professionals recognize the elevated risks faced by older adults, and NFPA®’s innovative video starring Tom Bosley helps you deliver solutions to the community. We hope to teach seniors practical strategies for avoiding fires and falls — leading causes of preventable injuries for seniors.” I’ll bet you know someone who’s had a fire at home or been injured in a fall. I do. Almost everyone our age does,” says Bosley, an octogenarian himself. His engaging delivery makes it clear that a few basic precautions can reduce hazards and prevent injuries and fatalities.

Even a “minor” burn or fall can be life-threatening, which is why seniors need to:

  • Stay fit and maintain good balance, so they can get up and out quickly in an emergency.
  • Prevent fires with safe cooking techniques and be careful when smoking or using space heaters.
  • Avoid falls by getting rid of clutter and extension cords, and installing handrails.
  • Develop escape routes and plans that consider special medical conditions or circumstances.
  • Maintain smoke alarms and all safety equipment.
  • Make sure everyday hazards don’t go unrecognized.