Firefighters with Chief Howard

An opportunity to serve… and give thanks!

Whatcha think? The date was May 21st/22nd early morning on C-shift.
Fire fighters were awaken from their sleep after a car accident occurred just down the street from their station! The first arriving emergency crew of 3 personnel arrived to find the occupant trapped under a car which had also ignited due to the vehicle impact. They acted quickly, removing the occupant and evacuating him to a safe area. Only moments later, the vehicle erupted in flames and a subsequent arriving emergency unit was able to extinguish.
Tonight we took some time to recognize these individuals. They are all humble and see this kind of thing as part of their everyday job… but we think it was something a bit more special. Even in the fire service, this kind of event is a career rarity and sadly even more rare that such efforts might succeed to save a life. But that’s the job. So, while all of our brave men and women are exceptional in our our eyes, we took this opportunity to take note…
So tonight a recognition award was presented to Engineer / EMT Mark Odjick – Firefighter / Paramedic Scott Duval – Firefighter / Paramedic Tim McDonough On behalf of the Iona McGregor Fire District we recognize your bravery and contribution.
Thank you to these firefighters in this opportunity to serve and thank you to every firefighter in our District… and everywhere!!! For being and doing who you are and what you do !!!