Special Teams

Technical Rescue Team

The Iona McGregor Fire District’s Technical Rescue Team is tasked with responding to special operations in the District, including rope rescue, confined space operations, and vehicle/machinery rescues. Squad 73 carries the cache of equipment for members to provide this service. Additionally, many of the members that comprise this team are a part of Florida Task Force 6, our region’s Urban Search and Rescue team.

Water Operations

The Iona McGregor Fire District’s Water Ops team is comprised of divers and boat pilots that provide emergency services in the marine environment. The District operates a 32’ Metalshark, Marine 70, to respond to emergencies in the surrounding waterways. Marine 70 has fire suppression capabilities, dive capabilities, and ALS medical care capabilities, when staffed. The District has over 25 certified divers that respond to emergencies in the open waters, along with closed bodies of water in the District.


The Iona McGregor Fire District has over 15 certified Hazmat Technicians that work closely with our region’s Hazmat Team to aid in response to any Hazmat incidents.

Honor Guard

The Iona McGregor Fire District’s (IMFD) Honor Guard was established in 2020. The IMFD Honor Guard has nine members, including three veterans of the U.S. Army and Air Force. The Honor Guard was organized to pay tribute to fallen firefighters, their families and District members, both past and present. The Honor Guard also acts as ambassadors of the District while participating in the Presentation of Colors, parades, and ceremonies, as well as funeral details. The Honor Guard is dedicated to performing these duties with the highest degree of pride, integrity, attention to detail and above all, respect.

Honor Guard Members

  • Division Chief Brian Crisman
  • Lieutenant Jose Gonzalez
  • Lieutenant David Hinton
  • Lieutenant Jason Lambert
  • Firefighter Daniel Blandon
  • Firefighter Josh Golliher
  • Firefighter Guiseppi LaMura
  • Firefighter Dom Prochilo
  • Firefighter Curtis Rine