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Operations Division

The Operations’ Division, comprised of men and women, addresses the emergency needs of the District’s residents and businesses. Included in this Division are the equipment and rolling stock (apparatus/trucks) necessary for the personnel to carry out their mission; be it a fire, rescue, or medical emergency. In addition, they respond to a variety of non-emergency calls for assistance.

The Operations’ Division has a current staff of 86: a Division Chief, three Battalion Chiefs, 15 Lieutenants, 15 Engineers, and 52 Firefighters. These personnel operate from the five fire stations strategically located throughout the District on a 24 hours on and 48 hours off shift rotation. There are three shifts (A, B, and C). Each shift consists of a set of personnel that work together as a team and live together as a family.

The Division Chief of Operations works a traditional work week of Monday through Friday and provides direction and support for the lower ranking officers. Battalion Chiefs are responsible for their respective shift of suppression personnel. Each station has a Lieutenant who is in charge of all the personnel and equipment at that specific station. Fire apparatus are operated by an Engineer, who has received specialized training in emergency response driving. Firefighters comprise the balance of the suppression staff at each station. Staffing levels at each of the stations is based upon the anticipated call volume of the response area covered.

Station 71 has 4 personnel (Lieutenant, Engineer, 2 Firefighters). Station 72 has 6 personnel (Lieutenant, Engineer, and 4 Firefighters). Station 73 has 6 personnel (Lieutenant, Engineer, and 4 Firefighters). Station 74 has 6 personnel (Lieutenant, Engineer, and 4 Firefighters). Station 75 has 4 personnel (Lieutenant, Engineer, 2 Firefighters). The concentration of personnel varies daily due to staffing needs and sick or vacation time. Also housed within these stations are four fire engines; three of which carry advanced life support equipment; (one that also carries special operations equipment and one which also carries technical rescue equipment); one a ladder which has an advanced life support ladder aerial platform; three advanced life support rescue vehicles; one support vehicle that has an air cylinder fill station, scuba diving gear, as well as hazardous materials mitigation equipment; 32′ fire/advanced life support medical boat; and an incident command vehicle.

All of our firefighters maintain Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certifications, and we currently have 35 firefighters who have been trained and licensed to deliver Advanced Life Support (ALS) services as Paramedics.

Operations Staff

Division Chief of Operations

Khalid Aquil


Khalid began his career at Iona McGregor FD relocating from the city of Miami, FL in 2003.  He is married with three children and is also a resident of the district which he serves.  Prior to becoming the Division Chief of Operations in January of 2018, he served as Firefighter/EMT, Firefighter/Paramedic, Engineer/Paramedic, Lieutenant/Paramedic, and acting Battalion Chief as needed.  His progression within the organization has also been supplemented by college coursework up to a master’s degree, and numerous fire service certifications.  As the head of Operations, Division Chief Aquil is the primary facilitator for preparedness and development of the department’s diverse and talented fire suppression staff.


Battalion Chief

Barry Ashman


Barry began his career at Iona as a volunteer in 1983 as a firefighter. He was hired full time in 1985 and was promoted to Engineer/Driver in 1990. Barry then turned his focus to education earning nine different state certifications and in 2002 received an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science Technology from Pikes Peak Community College. Barry has become a subject matter expert in fire apparatus pumps and equipment and has appeared in five nationally published fire training videos for Working Fire Production Company. Barry was promoted to Battalion Chief/Shift Commander in October 2006 and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration from Edison Community College in 2012. Barry is currently pursuing a degree from Barry University and plans on graduating in 2013 with a Masters in Arts and Administration.

Battalion Chief Ashman lives in the small community of Buckingham since 1999 with his wife, Jackie, their son Parker, and the family’s Black Labrador Retriever, Max. Barry enjoys school, mountain biking, going to NASCAR races, camping, Disney World, swimming, and spending time with his son. His future plans include retiring someday and traveling.


Battalion Chief

Martin Palijan


Martin Palijan moved to Florida in 2002 and began his career at Iona in 2004. He Lives on Fort Myers Beach, is Married, has 3 children and a small dog named Odie.

Currently, Martin Is assigned to “B” shift as Battalion Chief.  During his tenure he has held the positions of: Firefighter, Paramedic, Engineer and Lieutenant. In addition to his normal job duties Martin enjoys participation on the Haz mat Team.


Battalion Chief

Marc Mascarelli


Marc Mascarelli moved to Ft Myers from NY in 1987 and started his career in 1991 with Iona McGregor which was inspired by his two uncles and two step brothers that work for FDNY. Marc has progressed in  his career from the rank of Firefighter/Paramedic to Battalion Chief and holds degrees in Fire Science, Business Management and a Masters in Public Administration. He maintains his certification as District Manager (CDM) and has been involved in all district special team interests including Hazardous Materials, Water Operations/Dive Rescue, and Technical Rescue. Marc serves as a  CPR instructor teaching and encouraging citizens crucial lifesaving education. Marc currently serves as Marine Emergency Response Team (MERT) coordinator for all of Lee County’s fire departments and is liaison for Law Enforcement, Aviation, Dispatch, and local Coast Guard in cooperation keeping the southwest waterways safe. Marc also travels with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) in an effort to train and share the successful maritime response programs used here in Lee County with the rest of the Country.

Marc resides in the district with his wife and two sons. He is also an active participant in his children’s school serving as President of the Fathers Club and currently holding a seat on Canterbury’s School Board where he continues to build strong relationships between the fire district and school in regards to fire protection and life safety.