Logistics Division

Logistics overseas the fleet of apparatus and all staff vehicles. Our in-house maintenance staff and fire crews perform nearly all repairs and routine maintenance of the District’s apparatus.

The maintenance and repair of the District’s facilities is also a function of the Logistics Division.

Additional duties handled by the Division are building and ground maintenance of the 5 stations as well as a training tower. Many of the various beautification projects are joint efforts between the on-duty firefighting staff and Logistics.

Logistics Staff

Division Chief of Logistics

Diana Hernden


The Division Chief of Logistics is charged with managing the day-to-day operations and activities of the Iona McGregor Fire District’s Logistics division. The Logistics division is composed of fleet maintenance, building and equipment maintenance, firefighter uniform, PPE and equipment, inventory, and the IT and Information Systems.

Division Chief Diana Hernden came to the Iona McGregor Fire District in January of 2007, after three years as a transport paramedic with Lee County EMS. She spent her career as a firefighter/paramedic, engineer/driver, and company officer before being promoted to Division Chief in May of 2019. Chief Hernden has a bachelor’s degree in Fire and Emergency Services from the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her Master’s of Public Administration from Florida Gulf Coast University.

DC Hernden also serves as the Southwest Regional Coordinator for the Florida Firefighter Safety and Health Collaborative, as well as the SWFL Peer Support Coordinator, working to improve the physical and mental health of first responders through education, support, and resource development. She is married with two children and enjoys spending time on our beautiful Gulf Coast waters.

Building Maintenance Technician

Gary Cooper


Gary has been a member of Iona McGregor since 2004 and handles the maintenance and repairs for our five fire stations.