firefighters gross decon efforts

DECON… not just for victims anymore

The increased risks of several types of cancer are well recognized throughout the fire service. Carcinogens as byproducts of combustion enter firefighters’ skin through PPE penetration, cross transfer from PPE to the skin, inhalation in the environment and gear off-gassing. This has become even more hazardous with the increasing use of synthetic materials in home furnishings and buildings. The Iona McGregor District has taken a proactive approach to protecting our firefighters from the harmful effects of the job they do everyday…
firefighters gross decon efforts
Washing gear on the fireground with soap and water is an effective way to decontaminate gear. Research is currently ongoing about the effectiveness of on-scene washing compared to NFPA-compliant commercial extractors but, in the mean-time, gross decon on scene is an effective measure to use in conjunction with more advanced options.
firefighters using wipes to clean themselves
Wipes also appear to be an effective tool for decontamination and removal of PAHs from the neck area, but cannot replace a shower. A thorough shower and hand washing should be conducted as soon as possible after an incident.

The Iona McGregor Fire Department will continue to be on the forefront of these challenges. We will do everything we can to ensure your safety and the safety of our firefighters as well !

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A vacancy has occurred on the Board of Commissioners due to the resignation of Commissioner Scott Kuhn.  The District is seeking written letters of interest and resumes from qualified electors who reside in the District to fill the vacancy. Letters of interest and resumes may be submitted via email to or mailed to “Vacancy” 6061 South Pointe Boulevard, Ft Myers, Florida 33919. Submission deadlines is 4:00pm on August 7, 2018.
Interested individuals may acquire additional information concerning the process to select a commissioner by visiting our administration offices 6061 South Pointe, or through policy documents available on this web site or by contacting Fire Chief David Howard directly – 239 433 0660.

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Public Protection Classification Summary Report for Iona McGregor Fire Department

Public Protection Classification Summary Report for Iona McGregor Fire Department, prepared by Insurance Services Office, Inc., February 2014.  ISO collects and evaluates information from communities in the United States on their structure fire suppression capabilities. The data is analyzed using our Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS™) and then a Public Protection Classification (PPC™) number is assigned to the community. The surveys are conducted whenever it appears that there is a possibility of a classification change. As such, the PPC program provides important, up-to-date information about fire protection services throughout the country

Public Protection Classification Summary Report for Iona McGregor Fire Department